YourPack brings your peeps together

YourPack brings people together

Oh hi, we’re YourPack. We’ll help you create a searchable directory for your team members, online courses or membership platforms.

That way they can find specific members based on skills, locations, interests or anything you’ve defined.

YourPack isn’t a forum or message board (1998 called, it wants that technology back). It’s more of a central place to find and connect with people who are part of the same community, because they’re probably interesting to each other.

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How YourPack works

  • Create a “pack” for your group of peeps
  • Create categories and tags that your peeps fit into
  • Invite your peeps to become pack members
  • Peeps create their pack member profile and add any info they want to share with the rest of the group
  • Now pack members can see, search, map and learn about other members of your pack

Buy now for $18/month

As pack leader, you get:

  • Unlimited FREE pack member accounts
  • Customizable subdomain and logo
  • Unlimited categories and tags
  • Unlimited packs per account